About Us


Well, I really had a hard time when I was considering what to write on the About Us page, but I will try to be as much honest as I can...

First, I will begin with my personal experience with nail fungus. I remember the night that I first noticed the first nail fungus symptoms. It was nearly two years ago.

Initially, I ignored the signs and moved on, like nothing happened. You see I was a Biomedical Sciences graduate and I had more important things to do. Four months passed and then an ugly odour coming from my feet woke me up. 

By that time I was convinced that I had nail fungus, even though for a moment I thought that I was nail psoriasis. Naturally, I searched the web for all the possible information that I could find about nail fungus. Within two weeks, I became an expert in both fingernail fungus medication as well as toenail fungus medication. I 've read through countless websites and went through almost every single review website that talks about the best toenail fungus treatments. 

Next step, disappointment.Why ? Because none of the treatments that I 've used work. And I knew why!!! Apart from medical magazines that talk about the nail fungus symptoms and causes every other website was trying to promote something to make money off people like you and me that try to fight a serious infection. 

After trial and error with various home remedies as well as over the counter medications I finally got rid of this ugly yellowish endeavour. However, I did not forget how difficult it was and I was pretty sure most of the people that are going to read this page share the same feelings as I was.


Thus, I decided to put an end to scammy websites that provide no significant value to everyday people. How to do that. Of course by building the best possible website about nail fungus, nail fungus treatments as well as provide educational material to my readers. 

I was on the same path as you right now!!! My goal is to help people in their fight against nail fungus. The task I 've put upon my self is quite big. I had no previous experience in website design or anything related to it. But I am determined to provide you with all the information that you need in order to make the best possible decision about your nail fungus infection.

So if you want to check out some of the nail fungus treatments that I recommend head straight to this page!!!

If you want to learn more things about nail fungus symptoms, causes as well as tested home remedies check out our fungus blog.

I aim to empower you in your quest to overcome nail fungus!!!

PS: Cheers to nail fungus free feet!!!